Perforated Poly Bags 8" x 10"

Perforated Poly Bags 8" x 10"

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Pack Size: 2000

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Product Details

Perforated Polypropylene Bag - 200 x 250mm / 8" x 10"

These perforated polypropylene bags are designed to ensure a quick and easy way to store food and protect them from flies and other bugs. These bags provide a clean and hygienic solution for food storage and clearly display the bags contents and are supplied in handy packs of 2000.

These bags have a number of benefits, including:

• They protect contents and keep them fresh
• Multi-purpose
• They are a clean and hygienic solution to storing food and displaying other contents
• The clear bags allow for you to easily and quickly identify food
• They are disposable

Product Specifications

Bag Dimensions: 200mm x 250mm

Case Quantity: 2000