Arrow S5 Supermax Washing Up Liquid - 2ltr

Arrow S5 Supermax Washing Up Liquid - 2ltr

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This S5 Washing up Liquid is a concentrated manual dishwashing detergent for all pans, pots, crockery and cutlery. Supermax doing control system provides the ultimate dilution control, accurately measured doses reduces waste and low cost in use - it dilutes to give 400 trigger sprays or 200 buckets (per 2 x 2 litre case).

Its powerful grease cutting performance cuts through grease and dried food debris. Its long lasting foam action remains stable through the wash and it kind to hands. With a fresh lemon fragrance it’s suitable for use within catering establishments and professional kitchens for the manual washing of all pans, pots, crockery and cutlery.

There are many benefits of using the Manual Concentrated Washing up Liquid;
· Accurate measured doses reduces product waste
· Powerful grease cutting performance
· Long lasting foam action
· Low cost in use

This washing up liquid is great for the following business sectors and environments;
· Schools
· Nursing Homes
· Offices
· Hotels
· Canteens & Restaurants & Pubs
· Catering & Food Processing
· As well as many other environments

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