Dymablade Multipurpose Degreaser - 5ltr

Dymablade Multipurpose Degreaser - 5ltr

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Dymablade Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Dymablade Multi-Purpose Degreaser produces a controlled foam which is safe for use on all washable surfaces in food preparation areas.it emulsifies cooking oil making it a useful detergent for cleaning deep-fat fryers, as well as shortenings, fats and vegetable oils.

This degreaser has a number of benefits including:

• High quality – professional
• Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces throughout the kitchen
• No odour formula – will not taint food, safe for use in food processing areas
• Controlled foam – no excessive rinsing is required
• It is suitable for use through high pressure hoses

This product is suitable for a variety of general and/or business sectors including:

• Hotels & Hospitality
• Restaurants/Cafes
• Kitchens/Canteens
• Retail sectors
• Households
• Catering industries
• Other workplace enironments

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