Fairy Liquid Original - 5ltr

Fairy Liquid Original - 5ltr

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Product Details

Fairy Liquid Original

Up to 50% longer lasting suds for trusted cleaning until the end of the wash. Rinses off easily, leaving dishes outstandingly clean. Professional standard 5L size for better value.

User benefits:

• ‚ÄčRemoves grease up to 33% faster*
Washes up to 250 professional sinks
Plates washed in P&G Professional repel grease and oil better

This Fairy liquid is suitable for use in a variety of business and home environments including:

• Households
• Kitchens/Canteens
• Restaurants/Cafes
• Hotels, B&B's, Guest homes and Hospitality businesses
• Retail sectors
• Officess
• Other workplace environments

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