Arrow Gladiator Odour & Grease Control - 5ltr

Arrow Gladiator Odour & Grease Control - 5ltr

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Product Details

Arrow Gladiator Odour And Grease Control

The Arrow Gladiator Odour and Grease Control product rapidly softens fats and greases within drains, grease traps and waste gullies allowing them to be flushed away without blocking the drains. As well as neutralising odours at the source it rapidly softens liquefies and solubilises fats and grease deposits. It’s especially ideal for use in kitchens, canteens and food processing plants as it keeps drains and grease traps clear of hard fat deposits. This preventing blockage and maintaining optimum flow. It can also be used to degrease and deodorise waste bins, waste tanks, gullies and chutes. For optimum results it is advised it is applied undiluted to the drain or grease trap - whether it is applied manually or via automatic dosing systems.

There are many benefits of using this hydro clean bactericidal including:

· Maintains the flow of drains and channels
· Highly concentrated
· Neutralises foul odours
· Prevents blockages

This Hydroclean Bactericidal is great for the following business sectors and environments:

· Kitchens/Canteens
· Restaurants/Cafes
· Hotels & B&B's
· Washrooms/Public toilets
· Household/Domestic
· Catering & Food Processing
· As well as many other environments

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