Four Seasons Winter Screenwash - 5ltr

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Four Seasons Screenwash

The Four Seasons Screenwash is a ready mixed solution that effectively clears windscreens for full visibility and is suitable for all year round. There is no need to alternate between different screen washes with the Four Seasons screenwash as the solution can be added to the washer reservoir undiluted to retain full anti-freezing properties, ideal during colder weather conditions and can be diluted up to 20% in warmer conditions to allow for maximum economy use. It also contains a water softener to prevent limesale build-up in the water system.

The Four Seasons Screenwash has a number of benefits including:

• It is suitable for all seasons
• It contains anti-freezing properties
• It allows for maximum economy use
• It effectively and efficiently clears windscreens to allow full visibility
• It prevents limescale build-up

This product is ideal for vehicle use

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