How Often Should You Wash Your Tea Towels?

07 February 2018

How Often Should You Wash Your Tea Towels?

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Attention to detail means you can keep your kitchen hygienically clean, and one good place to start is your tea towels. Did you know for example that you need to wash them after every use?

A study from 2015 run by researchers at Kansas University found that tea towels topped the list of worst contamination sources in the kitchen. In fact they were found to be the most contaminated of all the surfaces that were tested.

‘Change them every day — and never dry your hands on them!’ Professor Ackerley told The Daily Mail.

‘Launder at 60C or above, washing separately to regular towels. Washing underwear with household items such as tea towels is a big no, as if Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli are present, they will be transferred to your cloths and then on to kitchen utensils.’

While people were very aware of the risks associated with handling raw meat, there were still problems with people using the tea towels to wipe their hands when preparing food, and then using them again once they had washed their hands to dry them.

Much of the bacterial growth happened overnight meaning that the best time to wash the tea towels was immediately after using them to prepare a meal, so there is no time for the bacteria to grow.