Woman Finds Winning Lottery Ticket While Cleaning!

19 January 2018

Woman Finds Winning Lottery Ticket While Cleaning!

If you’ve been searching for a reason to pick up your wholesale cleaning products and give your home or business a good scrub down, check out this story about a woman who decided to do just that… and ended up £900,000 the richer!

According to the Irish Mirror, the woman – who has elected to remain anonymous – decided to give her house a spring clean after the hectic Christmas period and came across a forgotten EuroMillions ticket as she dusted.

The happy winner was quoted by the news source as saying: “We were away for the weekend in Leitrim and for luck, I always buy a Lotto or EuroMillions ticket when I’m down the country. But I just completely forgot to check it! It was only when I was cleaning up after Christmas that I came across this ticket and I scanned it on the National Lottery phone App. All of a sudden, a message popped up on my phone that I had to contact the National Lottery to discuss the ticket.”

Of course, you shouldn’t expect to find untold wealth each time you get your cleaning products out – and this shouldn’t be the only reason you scrub your house or business premises from top to bottom either.

Good hygiene should be a top priority, especially if you run a consumer-facing business as a grubby site certainly won’t make a good first impression… and in this day and age, where bad reviews are ten a penny on the internet, you could be damaging your business reputation if you don’t keep things clean.