Bumper Roll - Blue - 2ply

Bumper Roll - Blue - 2ply

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Product Details

Perform. 2ply Blue Wiper Roll 400m x 260mm x 2
100% recycled. Can be used to meet varied wiping requirements. Wiping tasks. Can be used in a range of environments including engineering, food service and agriculture. Our range of Bumper Rolls provide excellent absorption for removing spills, cleaning hands and other general cleaning requirements.

Supplied in bulk 400 metre roll lengths, provides an ideal solution for quick and effective cleaning as you go, helping to reduce any potential downtime at industrial based premises and helping your business maintain a cleaner working environment.
CPD's Bumper Rolls are supplied in packs of 2 and are available in blue and white.

These bumper rolls

There are many benefits of using this bumper roll, which include:
· Environmentally friendly - 100% recycled content
· Can be inserted in a dispenser for ease of use
· Heavy duty - they are strong for tough tasks

These bumper rolls are ideal for;
· Hotels and hospitality washroom facilities
· Restaurant washroom facilities
· Leisure centers
· Garages
· Warehouses

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