Deb Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - 1ltr

Deb Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - 1ltr

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Deb Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 1ltr

The Deb Stoko Sanitise Dispenser, compatible with Deb® 1 litre cartridges. It dispenses a dose of Deb’s instant foam 1 litre sanitiser solution. This dispenser is easy to use, wipe-clean and durable. It is compact and wall mountable meaning that it is ideal for compact spaces.

The Deb Stoko Sanitise Dispenser has a number of benefits including:

• It is proven provide protection against aqueous solutions, oils and solvents
• It quickly absorbs into the skin and is non-greasy which helps to retain dexterity with hand held tools
• It is a highly effective film forming agent which repels contaminating substances
• It helps to prevent ingression caused by oil-based substances
• It is a highly effective humectant that moisturises the skin and helps to prevent dryness
• It is suitable for use by maintenance and production workers in food manufacturing/processing environments where high levels if skin soiling or exposure to more extreme wet or dry conditions are encountered
• It is compatible with the skin and reduces risk of irritation
• It is robust, durable and lightweight