Multifold Hand Towel - Blue

Multifold Hand Towel - Blue

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Product Details

Multifold Hand Towel Blue 1 Ply

These blue multifold hand towels are supplied in an overall case quantity of 3000 packed into 200 x 15 smaller cases. These hand towels are suitable for environments which demand comfort as well as hygiene. The towels interlock with each other which provides a ‘one at a time’ towel dispensing system which reduces costs because it eliminates any waste from multiple towels being dispensed. These 1ply hand towels offer great value for money and can be used in a variety of environments.

Other benefits for making these Blue Hand Towels your product of choice;
· Ideal for washrooms, toilets and bathrooms at various commercial businesses and venues (industrial, sporting complexes, garages, manufacturing and retail environments.
· For everyday use.
· Single ply hand towels.
· Multifolded, meaning they dispense one at a time to help control consumption and reduce costs.
· Eco-friendly product, manufactured from 100% recycled paper.

These hand towels are great for the following business sectors and environments;
· Hospitals and other health care sectors
· Households
· Warehouses
· Office and business parks
· Retail and shopping outlets
· Education and schools, colleges and universities
· Washroom facilities
· Sports complexes and Leisure centres
· Local authorities
· Entertainment venues
· Conference and exhibition centers

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