Deb Cutan Gentle Wash - Hypo Allergenic - 1ltr

Deb Cutan Gentle Wash - Hypo Allergenic - 1ltr

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Product Details

Deb Cutan Hypoallergenic Gentle Wash 1 Litre

This Deb Cutan hypoallergenic is an advanced formulated rich washing lotion. It is unperfumed and ensures maximum acceptability to users and minimises the risk of skin sensitisation. The hypoallergenic formula is optimised for skin to skin compatibility which helps to reduce further stress for people with skin problems. It is dermatologically tested with a 48 hour single patch test and has validated results from the dermatologist to be ‘non-irritant’. It also meets the European Cosmetic Regulations. The pH levels help to prevent drying and irritation of the skin. It’s ideal for use in many environments, particularly healthcare environments where high levels of hand hygiene are absolutely vital.

There are many benefits of using this Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser:

• It is glove compatible and can be applied prior to wearing latex and nitrile gloves.
• It is unperfumed to ensure there is minimal risk of skin sensitisation
• Ideal for use in many different environments
• It contains emollients and humectant which hydrate the skin as well as leaving it feeling smooth and supple
• Suitable for food handling
• It has a pH level similar to the skin making it less likely to cause irritation

This hand wash is suitable for many business sectors and environments such as:

• Garages
• Hospitals & Other Healthcare Sectors
• Nursing & Care Home
• Kitchens
• Restaurants
• Schools & Colleges
• Cafes & Mobile Catering
• Warehouses
• Body shops
• Other industrial environments

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