Deb Swarfega - Orange 4ltr

Deb Swarfega - Orange 4ltr

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Product Details

Deb Swarfega Orange 4 Litre

This Deb Swarfega orange heavy duty cleaner is a deep cleaning formula and contains non-abrasive micro-polymer which gives a deep down clean by gently lifting ingrained soiling without damaging the skin. It is extremely versatile and removes deeply ingrained oil, grease, tar, diesel, creosote, carbon and most other soilings. Only a small amount of the cleaner is required to remove even the heaviest of soilings meaning it is very economical in use. It is pleasant to use and the advanced gel formulation makes it very easy to apply and rinse off with no residue. This hand cleaner contains added conditioner, propylene glycol which helps to leave the hands feeling soft and supple after use. The light orange fragrance leaves your skin fresh and lightly fragranced.

User benefits:
· Gives consistent cleaning results
· Very economical in use
· It is available in a variety of sizes
· It removes a variety of soilings
· Pleasant orange fragrance
· Leaves the skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh

This heavy duty hand cleaner is suitable for many business sectors and environments such as:
· Garages
· Warehouses
· Body shops
· Other industrial environments

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