Dymapearl Bactericidal - 1ltr

Dymapearl Bactericidal - 1ltr

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Product Details

Dymapearl Bactericidal Soap 1 Litre

Dymapearl bactericidal hand soap is an effective and powerful cleaning agent which thoroughly cleanses and disinfects. It is an unperfumed antibacterial hand washing lotion specifically formulated for use in hospitals and food catering industries where high standards of personal hygiene is essentially required. It is recommended to apply a small amount of the soap onto wet hands and work into a good lather. Remove the lather by rising well with clean water and dry hand thoroughly.

User benefits:
· Has no fragrance to avoid tainting
· Suitable for use in the food industry and healthcare sectors
· Great value for money as only a little amount is required
· It has a mild formula
· Thoroughly cleans and disinfects your hands

This Dymapearl hand soap is suitable for many business sectors and environments such as:
· Hotels and Hospitality
· Restaurants/Cafes
· Bars
· Office and Business parks
· Healthcare environments
· Shopping centres
· Food preparation areas
· Catering sectors
· Nursing and Care homes
· Nurseries

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