Standard Galvanised Pot & Pan Scourers

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Standard Galvanised Pot and Pan Scourers

These galvanised pot and pan scourers are great for removing stubborn food deposits from pots and pans. They are used in professional and household kitchens all around the world. They also remove burnt on stains with ease meaning they are ideal for grill pans, stainless steel pans and pots and BBQ’s. These scourers are galvanised to increase the lifetime and prevent any rusting so they last longer than conventional scourers and perform better, this resulting in you saving money.

There are many benefits of using these galvanised scourers:

· Ideal for catering environments
· For everyday use
· Can be easily disposed of
· Harmless to your skin
· Strong cleaning capacity 

These scourers are suitable for many business sectors and environments such as:

· Food Handling
· Household
· Food preparation
· Industrial & Retail sectors 
· Food manufacturing
· Kitchens/Canteens
· Restaurants/Cafes

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