Soft Coco Fill Hand Brush

Soft Coco Fill Hand Brush

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Product Details

Soft Coco Fill Hand Brush

The compact size soft coco bannister hand brush can be used to clean hard to reach places effectively. The soft coco bristles are suitable for sweeping light dust and debris in small confined spaces with ease. It can be used to clean indoor spaces, floors, displays and can also be used for outdoor sweeping. It’s suitable for maintenance and gardening sectors but it can also be used as a general houseware item. It can be used alongside a dustpan for small dusting and sweeping applications. Stiff Hand Brushes will contribute towards keeping your working space clean, tidy and a safe place to work and create the right impression for any guests or customers visiting your premises to witness your production and internal processes in practice.

User benefits:

Suitable for sweeping in small confined spaces
Widely used in commercial workplaces
Ideal for outdoor use, but can be used indoors

This product is suitable for use in a variety of business sectors including:

Walkways/Public paths
Retail sectors
Warehouses & Industrial environments
Other workplace environments

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