Stiff Blue Dustpan & Brush Set

Stiff Blue Dustpan & Brush Set

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Product Details

Plastic Dustpan and Brush Set - Blue

This dustpan and brush is durable, practical and lightweight. Its soft bristle allow for an easy use and clean and its sturdy plastic material ensures longevity. The fitted rubber lip on the dust pan allows dirt to be easily brushes into the pan reducing the amount left behind.

This Dustpan and Brush Set has a number of benefits including:

• Effectively traps dirt
• Ideal for cleaning hard surface areas
• Can be used as part of a colour coded system
• It features a fitted ribber lip to improve dirt collection

This product is suitable for a variety of general and/or business sectors including:

• Kitchens/Canteens
• Cafes/Restaurants
• Schools/Colleges
• Households/Domestic
• Offices/Receptions
• Other workplace environments

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