Paint & Graffiti Wipes

Paint & Graffiti Wipes

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Product Details

EcoTech Paint and Grafitti Wipes

These EcoTech paint and graffiti remover wipes are designed for the effective removal of any unwanted paint, ink or graffiti, choose these Paint and Graffiti wipes from EcoTech. These wipes contain a powerful alcohol based solution that requires no additional liquid to clean paint overspray, permanent marker, ink and general graffiti. The wipes work on all non-porous surfaces including polycarbonates and the resealable tub ensures that your wipes will last in excess of 18 months. The moist wipes require no additional liquids as the unique patented powerful alcohol based cleaning solution helps clear all forms of graffiti and marks leaving all surfaces free of graffiti fast.

User benefits:

• It effectively and safely removes graffiti
• Polycarbonate safe
• They do not require any additional liquids
• Contains a powerful alcohol based solution

This product is suitable for a variety of general and/or business sectors including:

• Catering sectors/Food preparation areas
• Households
• Kitchens/Canteens
• Restaurants/Cafes
• Other workplace environments

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