Wisdom Dual Texture Toothbrushes

Wisdom Dual Texture Toothbrushes

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Wisdom Dual Texture Toothbrush

These Wisdom dual texture toothbrushes come in a pack size of 12 and in a variety of colours, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. They have an easy grip handle to ensure you have maximum control and a slim neck to reach your back teeth. It has dual textured medium and firm filaments which help to remove plaque and stimulate the gums.

There are many benefits of using these Wisdom dual textured toothbrushes:
· One of the UK’s well known toothbrush brands
· They offer great value for money
· They come in a variety of colours
· Have easy grip for your maximum control and comfort
· They remove plaque and stimulate the gums

These toothbrushes are suitable any business sector or environment such as:
· Hotels and Hospitality
· Restaurants
· Households
· Nursing and care homes sector

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